Possible AC Repairs You May Need

It might not be the season to cool your house just yet. However, it does not mean you should not be looking ahead to ensure that your unit is ready for the hot summer months. Let us imagine you already completed your annual maintenance tune-up and the HVAC professional alerted you to a possible problem that you will have to fix soon.  


It is extremely crucial that you fix that issue as soon as possible. It might not appear like an issue. However, it puts you at risk of a malfunction when the temperature increases in a couple of months.  

If you have not maintained your AC unit yet, professionals recommend you schedule it as soon as possible to catch any potential repairs you may need. Even if your unit was perfectly working when you turn it off for the cold months, this does not mean that it may not have an issue that you have to fix.  

There are a couple of various possible repairs you may require for your AC. Today, we’re going to share these issues with you. If you do find one, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional air conditioning repair North Port company. 

Clogged Condensate Line 

For those who don’t know, your AC unit will pull moisture from the air. Typically, your AC unit will collect the moisture and siphon it out of the house through the condensate line. It can lead to severe issues for your AC unit if that line becomes clogged by accumulated gunk and dirt. 

Broken Fan Blades 

The fan blade of your AC might have broken without you noticing it. This is obviously an issue since it will run the risk of causing more damage once your unit turns on. Aside from that, it will also hinder the cooling process.  

A Clogged Filter 

You need to change your filter every 3 months. Depending on your situation, you might even have to replace it every month. Else, it will become overly clogged with dust. If this happens, your AC unit will have to work harder since there’s a reduction in airflow that can slow down the cooling process.  

Dirty Evaporator Coil 

The evaporator coil of your system converts liquid refrigerant to gas. Thus, it can create cool air and absorb heat. If the evaporator coil of your unit is extremely dirty, it will affect the process of cooling in your unit. This can lower your comfort and harm your system. 

Refrigerant Leak 

One of the main parts of your cooling unit is the refrigerant. If your central AC unit or heat pump has a refrigerant leak, it may not be obvious until your unit cannot seem to create cool air like it’s supposed to. Another sign that you’ve got a refrigerant leak is if your AC unit starts to short cycle.  

Keep in mind that you will not find out about these problems if you do not schedule a maintenance appointment with an expert. You shouldn’t wait until your air conditioner is having a hard time doing its job.